Why can’t I sleep like a normal person?

So I tried to go to bed two hours ago. It was early but I was tired. Until I got to bed. Actually I’m still tired. More tired. Less sleepy though.

I once asked a doctor about my trouble sleeping. His response was, “Nobody has ever died from lack of sleep.”

I was about to explain to him that if I murdered him because his answer was the fucking stupidiest thing I had ever heard then he would be the first. Instead I just found a new doctor that was actually interested in helping their customers.

That reminds me of another stupid fucking asshole doctor. The chief neurosurgeon at Hopkins. After three months of stupid BS caused by our craptastic American health insurance scam I finally got in to see the doc.

Now, keep in mind that at the time my back only hurt when I was breathing. When the doctor did finally see me the first thing he did was ask to shake my hand. He told me that I had the back of a fifty year old professional athlete. And to go home and take some aspirin.

Thanks. Dick. Glad that advice cost me a thousand bucks.

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