A Word @haxxorz

Image updated. — I have reposted this edited version of the image as a warning that such third party tools do in fact exist.  My link to the original image has been removed as requested. It was not originally posted by me and is therefor out of my control.0061-cz-haxxorz-xsnonmanx

It has come to our attention that there are a few individuals on Waterson who seem to have acquired some 3rd party targeting and aiming assistance applications.

We had our suspicions about the individual in question of course. Never-the-less, we voiced our support in the forums for said individual despite our suspicions. We are very careful about leveling the claim of haxxorz.

But nobody, and I mean NOBODY burns me down three times in a row without hax.


Eventually you haxxorz will all get caught up in your own lie.

L2P. Noobz.


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