yakuza style org chart

sample structure/org chart

We are Considered Criminals After All

So I’ve been working on structure, logistics, and such.  I came up with the idea of organizing around the structure of the yakuza.  Partly inspired by my recent efforts to save 16th century Japan from implosion and partly because I have somebody to teach me some Japanese.

So here we go.  Check out the structure on the wiki.  It happens to have hierarchy that perfect suits our needs.

We’re skipping the legal branch altogether and focusing on the action side.

The shatei are our recruits.  We don’t really keep people in here long, opting to bump everybody up to kyodai (member) within a couple days.  Any failure to do so is squarely upon my crappy administrative skillz.

Most folks will be kyodai.  These are our regular members.  Further advancement requires increased participation.

Those who show initiative at leadership may find themselves promoted to shateigashira.  This is essentially a squad leader.  We will expect anyone who leads a squad to have squad beacons.  We also expect you to understand some strategy and be able to set way points from time to time.

Next up, wakagashira our platoon leaders.  These are experienced members who have not only demonstrated the ability to lead a platoon, but to do so without burning the platoon down in the meat grinder.

Finally, oyabun.  The Boss.  We have two.  I might have to kill the other one though.  😉

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