Rough Sledding and teh Riddle of Indar

Gotta play with the cards we're dealt

This is what we started with around 10 am eastern.

I wasn’t in game for the Amerish cap today so no screenie. But this is from yesterday morning when we started. Took a full day of work to get that cap.

And it was all red again by morning. Which suits us just fine. Same story on Esamir.

Indar. Unclaimed. Still. Since NC lost after first warp gate rotation.

It troubles me. Not sure why. Thinking 4th dimensional. Time. Growth. Skillz.

It takes too much time now for any empire to mount a combined assault on Indar. Nearly every zone is contested. Back capping is rampant. Defenses are stacked.

Game is balanced.

What will a new continent bring?


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