What day is it? October?

Wednesday?  WTF?  We haven’t even recovered from double XP and we’re getting another update.  RU sirius?

On the bright side, we’ll have some down time to make some more intelligible posts.  Starting with this one.  Possibly squeeze in a webbie redeploy on my last day of DW trial.  WUT?  The bright side is GU6 dummy.

Right then.  Sharphooter!  Where’s my report?!??!  Don’t make me me TK Hatta. Again.

Roger that.  Some highlights follow.

New Membership Benefits

  • Members now have access to an additional daily sale
  • Members now have access to an additional three character slots as part of their membership

Planetside 2 GU6 Service Ribbon Earned

Service ribbons have been added.  Think secondary objectives in traditional MMOs.  You’ll get a one time daily XP bonus for hitting target scores with particular classes.

Who needs a helmet when you've got a H4TZ?

Good to go.


A new alert system has been added on route towards the incoming Continent Capture mechanic changes.  This one could be interesting.  Bonus XP for capping pre-selected continents for a specific time.  Don’t believe the hype.

Shottie Nerf

Pretty big overhaul on shotties as expected.  I forgot to try the double hacksaw pre-nerf.  I’m also gonna forget to cry about it.

I did manage to squeeze in a bit of them on the wrong side of the business end though.  Those NC on Connery know where to point them saws.


See you on the other side.

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