Flash Movie Review: Starbuck



Responsibilities are the little gremlins that come in the middle of the night to slowly steal our youth. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for being responsible. I am reminded of it every day. As a fitness instructor, it is my job to make sure the members of my classes are doing their yoga postures or cycling movements safely. Being a credit manager, it is my responsibility that everything my company sells, we then receive a payment for it. There are certain responsibilities associated with doctors, teachers, lawyers, friends and even relatives. Becoming a parent is the fastest way (I would think) for a cavalier person to become responsible. Parenthood was the focus in this film festival winning comedic film. Polish/Canadian delivery driver David Wozniak, played by Patrick Huard (Funkytown, Cadavres) used the alias “Starbuck” when making his donations to a fertility clinic. In his 40’s now; he…

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