i'm not replacing, just nuking everything


PC Rebuild

Software only at this point.  Attempting to diagnose frequent shutdowns.  And drive hits to our new forumz.  😀

Re-installing Windows 7 after I finish my backup to externals.

So this link is much more useful in my case.  The first one just had a pretty picture.

The saga continues…

Two things.  First, like a noob I didn’t have my MODISC set to boot first in the BIOS.  Second, Windows advice is misleading.  Or I read it wrong.  The method describe to recover failed.  Got a clean reinstall by autorun when I put the Windows 7 disc in after Windows was running.  😀

The point of all this?  Attempting to diagnose an ongoing catastrophic fail that leads to my PC browntowing.

As it turns out, it was in fact heat related.  And now a lesson in thermodynamics.  Heat rises.  I laid my PC on the side so the fan was blowing up.  Problem solved.  For now.

unless arranged according to the laws of thermodynamics

Stock heat sink showing signs of distress

My AMD 8 cores are running on the stock heat sink. Was doing a bit of testing honestly. It seems it needs an upgrade.

I was able to get video capz with XSplit running again and kept things under a reasonably warm 60 C for a few minutes at a time during my tests last night.  I have adjusted Planetside 2 video settings to low and the frames were well above 40 in most cases.

Unfortunately a new lag bug seemed to be presenting itself.  Lots of warping.  There’s always something else.

Oh and I would like to welcome Mozilla Firefox back into my life for the first time again in many years it is better than Chrome.

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