Were to begin.  I suppose this is the place for conceit.  So here it is.

I was about 8 or 9 when I figured out that I was the smartest person I knew.  I’m sure all kids feel this way.  I was 12 when it was confirmed.  But 38 when I found out.

I was diagnosed with a condition.  A curse of sorts.  IQ 135.  At age 12.

I noticed a certain distance between myself and other folks around me.  I didn’t understand why exactly.

I can relate the experience in some way to metabolism.  Mine is fast.  People often express envy.  It is unwise to do so.  There are unforeseen consequences.

I have been depressed for most of the life that I remember.  The memory has never been good.  Now I finally think I know why.

I was raised to be strong.  I became hard.  I broke.  Again.  And again.

I burned.

Fire is not evil.  Fire burns.  Fire renews.  Fire breathes.  Fire lives.

Why do we fall down, Master Bruce?  So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.

17 Responses to About

  1. I guess I should put something here.

  2. globetrottermama says:

    It would be nice.

  3. globetrottermama says:

    meant to say “play it safe”

    • Heh. Play it safe? Hi. My name is Czuuk Waterson. I am an imaginary character based on a video game.

      The guy that plays me has only recently figured out what play it safe means. And still often prefers not to do so. 😉

      But honestly. Is it too much?

  4. Sorry if I double posted. It was not intentional.

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